Platform Bed vs. Box Spring : Which One is Best Mattress Suitable for Me?

Platform Bed Vs. Box Spring – What is the difference and Which is Best Mattress for Sleep

Platform Bed vs. Box Spring: Everyone’s dream is to have a perfect mattress and a perfect sleep write. If you have a nice bed then everything in your life will goes happily this is just because of your sleep. If you sleep well daily then you can complete your daily activities happily. Also a perfect sleep gives you a lots of dedication and all. Am I write?

So, buy a perfect mattress for your home today. For choosing a right bed is most important thing for a good sleep.People generally do research before buying a mattress so, for them here we are providing a clear description about mattress. Beds are of several types among them 2 types of beds are quite comfortable those are PLATFORM BEDS and BOX SPRING.

People who wants do buy the bed can have a look into this page. Here you can get a clear picture what you want. Let’s have a look into the Platform bed vs. Box Spring Beds.

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What is a Platform Beds:

Platform beds are nothing but cabin beds which are covered up with horizontal solid frame which is a base that consists of a raised level of horizontal solid frame. Platform beds are quite flat which is unlike traditional bed that doesn’t need any foundation (or) base. It consists wood slats rows at sides of the beds which are used to support the foundation (or) Mattress.

Platform beds Online

Platform bed is a mainly covered with complete wood part at head and foot and in middle it is covered with full of wooden slats from side to side. This wooden slats are mainly used to provide a support for the mattress. We can directly place a mattress on platform bed without any foundation or anything else like box spring etc.

Bed Without Foundation

What is a Box Spring Beds:

Box Spring is also a type of bed which is very comfortable and gently design made with inside metal springs and coil at the bottom and avail with mattress as well. Box spring beds are like rectangular boxes with round shaped corner ends.  Box spring beds are mainly absorb heavy weight bodies. If you are trying to buy a box spring beds then try to look for some beds like high quality modular grids beds with square coils in inner for great flexibility or look for something like stiff shaped wooden frame which consists of semi-flex box springs or cone shaped wire coils inside box springs.


These are very flexible and can easily place the mattresses. Box spring beds can use on both sides. While we move box spring absorbs the sleeper’s weight a lot this one of the best advantage about box spring beds and also very beneficial for children’s as well.

Box spring beds are double sided used but these are quite hard when comparative to platform beds.

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Short Difference between Platform beds Vs. Box spring beds:

Platform Beds Box Springs
Platform beds are more versatile Less versatile
Can use single side only Mattress can use double sides
Less weight absorber More weight sleeper body absorber

Best mattresses to buy: Platform beds or Box spring

People who are willing to buy and looking for the best mattress can buy directly on online.  Various eCommerce stores like Amazon and many others are having platform beds as well box spring beds in their stores.  We are thinking that you may get brief idea about which is suites to you and your place. Box spring beds are quite comfortable beds that can changes to both sides regularly where as platform beds are also have huge number of benefits.

In platform beds you can directly place mattress on it without any box spring are foundation. Latex, memory foam can ideally use with the help of platform beds. Where as box spring beds aren’t use like that.  Because it need some flexibility.  So,  we thought you may get an idea about the box spring bed vs platform beds.  This information might be helpful while you are buying the beds.

You people can also directly place on Amazon there you can also avail more offers on mattress will be there.  Before buying let’s have a look for a latest & trending beds in Online for a better sleep. Amazon also gives you a lot of information regarding box spring and platform beds and box spring beds.

I thought you may get a clear picture about beds. Please bookmark this site for more advantages regarding platform bed vs box spring beds.

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