American Baby Company Waterproof Fitted Crib Mattress Review 2018

Hey guys!! This time I’m going to give a super information regarding Crib Mattress. Crib mattress is a type of mattress that is specially designed for infants. If you are looking to buy Crib mattress for your baby then here is the right place where you can get a lots of information regarding crib mattress. A super mattress can easily make the baby to sleep happily. That is the only one Crib mattress.

If bed is not good babies will won’t sleep even one second on the bed because there are so sensitive and soft and always looks for comfortable like mom’s womb. So, crib mattress is that type of beds which gives a great comfort to your baby.

If are searching to buy crib mattress first you should know detailed information about crib mattress types and their nature and learn how to choose the best crib mattress.

There are many different types crib mattress like foam mattress, innerspring mattress, breathable mattress and organic mattress. Every mattress has special and specific qualities and well defined nature. Before choosing the best crib mattress you need to check some features like mattress size, mattress quality, mattress price etc.

American Baby Company Waterproof Fitted Crib Mattress Description: 

Among the entire crib mattress American Baby Company Waterproof Fitted Crib Mattress is one the best organic crib mattress which well designed for the toddler’s. American baby Mattress Company is a great company which provides a great crib waterproof mattress production company. It’s a waterproof mattress which is fully packed up with 100% soft polyester material. It has different types of layers and a protective pad which is on top layer and fully elastic in nature. This waterproof crib mattress is fully durable and elastic that gives a great comfort to the baby. This mattress is packed with top, bottom and middle layers. In this top and bottom layers are made with soft polyester and the middle layer is made up of 100%waterproof vinyl.

This mattress has a special size that can fit’s to any toddler and crib beds. This bed has a very special feature that is elasticity nature which avoids space between the cribs and mattress. So, this mattress can easily fits and keeps your baby well secure. It is more washable and fits easily in machine as well.

Color Dimensions Material
White 28″ X 52″ X 9″ Fitted Top and Back Layer-100% Polyester; Middle Layer covered with Waterproof Vinyl
Natural 28″ X 52″ X 9″ Fitted Top layer is 100% Organic Cotton; Middle Layer is 100% Breathable Polyester; Back Layer-Knitted Polyester Laminated to Breathable TPU film
White 28″ X 52″ X 9″ Fitted Top Layer is covered with100% Cotton and Middle Layer is designed with100% Breathable Polyester; Back Layer-Knitted Polyester Laminated to Waterproof/Breathable TPU film

American Baby Company Waterproof Fitted Crib Mattress Special Features: 

  • American Baby Company waterproof fitted crib is well designed with size of 28 inches x 52 inches x 9 inches.
  • It is made with 100% polyester and covered with waterproof pads at middle layer which offers a soft cushion.
  • It is very easy to clean even in machine and fully dry-able.
  • It is well fits in 6 inches crib mattress.


  • It fits perfectly to any bed.
  • Good Quality in nature.
  • Very Long-lasting.
  • Very easy to clean the dirt.


  • It’s not much comfortable.
  • There is a chance of pilling.

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