DHP 8 inch Independently Encased Coil Premium Futon Mattress (Full Size) Review

The 6 inch version of the same mattress has many positive reviews and is comfortable to use. This 8 inch mattress just adds to the comfort.

DHP 8 inch Independently Encased Coil Premium Futon Review

Dhp 8 inch independently encased coil premium futon doesn’t cause backache. This is a perfect companion for a budget conscious buyer. It doesn’t slide around on any frame. The kind of frame can be metal or wood. It can be used in any frame because of the thick stuffing; it doesn’t wear away easily like slim mattresses would do.

Once opened, the mattress can bend and unbend in any position to any frame. Its folds and conforms to our needs easily. Doesn’t slip off from the frame. It looks alright without a mattress cover.  It has room for more than just one and two people can sleep on the mattress comfortably. The best part of this mattress is its price. The quality of this mattress is good that it doesn’t wear and tear easily. Can also be used as a bed, but for more durability a frame should support the mattress.

Specification of DHP 8 inch Independently Encased Coil Premium Futon

  • It is available in various colors such as black, charcoal, chocolate, cobalt, merlot and tan.
  • It provides great comfort, supported by 522 independently encased coils. This is a perfect choice for any futon.
  • It has 15 gauge coils encased independent from each other.
  • It is layered with foam and polyester in between the cover and coils which are of good quality for comfort.
  • It is perfect fit for a full sized futon.
  • The mattress cover is made of microfiber.
  • It weighs 57 pounds with size of 75 inches width, 54 inches depth and 8 inches height.
  • The foam is not made up of harmful chemicals such as PBDEs, Tris flame retardants (TDCPP or TCEP), ozone depletors, heavy metals such as mercury, lead and so on.
  • The consumer safety product commission recommends usage of foam made without phthalates and it is free of them.
  • This mattress meets flammability standards set by the commission.
  • It has lesser than 0.5 PPM of VOC emissions for the purpose of indoor air quality.
  • It is made in China.
  • Although it is made of springs, it is comfortable to use both as a bed and as a couch.
  • The material of mattress is pure polyester and is Fire resistant.

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I like and don’t like of DHP 8 inch

Pros Cons
●        1 year warranty ●       Cant fold into thirds
●       No battery required ●       Cover cannot be separated easily
●       Sturdy and Durable ●       Hard to move
●       Good quality
●       High weight limit

Final Verdict of DHP 8-Inch Futon Mattress

This futon mattress is a best buy for budget conscious customers. Moreover here we have listed a top rated futon mattress and it’s review.It is easy to clean in case of spilling anything over the mattress. The mattress is dense and thick to bear heavy weight but isn’t so much firm like sleeping on a board. A very active sleeper who will keep changing positions frequently would not feel the coils how much ever they move.  It can be flipped.

There’s a slight smell while opening the mattress but it starts to wear away after a couple of days. In case of the frame, not being metal the mattress may slip slightly. One can buy straps to put on the frame to stop the mattress from slipping. Because of the thick body, it can’t be rolled up for storage. One will have to just fold it in half. An additional cover which can be washed and dried should be bought separately. The fold should be made in between two set of springs, starting with one end of the mattress at the front and lining the edges up and placing the mattress  diagonally across the futon and should  notice where one needs the crease and push it in a solid motion, which is a tedious process.

It’s pretty much hard to roll back the futon into the bag. Can’t be used for traveling purpose and cannot be fit into a truck bed. Cannot be used with a hide-a-bed.

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