Serta Cypress Futon Mattress Reviews 2018 – Double Sided Innerspring Queen Futon

Serta Cypress futon mattress are manufactured by an integrated company, Wolf Corporation that produces many of the fiber products utilizes within these mattresses.

This futon mattress has both a good level of support and great comfort, offering a plush feel. It has medium firmness while using as a bed or a couch. Since it has springs, it has a slight bouncy feel to it. Once the futon is fluffed up, air enters into the futon fibers and rises up the durability and flexible. Fluffing up is easy, unlike thick mattresses. One just has to lift the mattress up, like say waist length and drop it down.

To ease down the mattress, one can just turn over the mattress whenever they want. It is inexpensive and a perfect budget buys for budget conscious people. Anyone can fit into this bed frame easily. It comes with a warranty of up to 5 years in case of defects in craftsmanship and durability. Check out a list of best futon mattress reviews and comparison about different mattress for a good sleep.

Serta Cypress Futon Mattress Product Specification

The unique property of this serta cypress futon mattress is that it is made up of a fiber called “cottonique”. It is a combination of a specific range of cotton combined with polyester fibers for a more durable and strong. This cottonique lasts longer than normal cotton bedding and the quality is also comparatively better. They are of three layers.

  • It is made with these cottonique fibers and innersprings to give a light finish to the product. The lightness of the product is aimed to give comfort and resilience to the customer.
  • It weighs about 60 pounds. The size of the mattress is of 75 inches width, 53 inches depth and 8 inches height.
  • It is made without ozone depletors, heavy metals such as mercury and lead. No flame retardants are used. They aren’t made of phthalates and formaldehyde which are banned for use by the consumer safety commission.
  • It protects indoor air quality since it has low volatile organic compound (VOC) emission.
  • The innersprings are of 288 Bonnel high quality and are surrounded by an inch of foam to provide soft and body hugging comfort.
  • It is tufted with lace and has a good stability provided by polyester nylon tufts.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Serta Cypress Futon Mattress

Pros Cons
●       Light weight ●       Cant trifold
●       No body ache ●       Heat trap complaints
●       Strong and durable ●       Not resistant to motion
●       Good quality  
●       5 years warranty  

Final verdict of Serta Cypress Futon Mattress Reviews

Being light weight, the mattress is easy to lift. It can be used in a couch since it is of good quality and strong.  To fold the mattress one has to put the futon in upright position and put the Serta cypress futon mattress on it and give a strong push to fold. Anyway it can only be folded in a 2 fold position with a little effort.

  • It can be used for a queen size futon. The mattress is firm and one doesn’t wake up with wake up with sore back or hip. It can be cleaned easily being light weight. Since it can be flipped, can be used for a pretty long time.
  • It takes at least two days to expand the mattress fully. It doesn’t work as a trifold. To use this product in a couch position, some kind of grip like something made out of rubber to prevent it from slipping.
  • It takes a couple of days for the mattress to wear of the smell of chemicals and color. Side sleepers may not find this product comfortable. The motion isolation is average to poor, as they are highly responsive when someone gets up or shifts positions in bed. The coil systems can sometimes like squeaking and creaking. if you don’t like it, then move it on another recommended one that is : DHP-8 Inch Futon Mattress Reviews and it’s best of
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